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Clouds Are Time- Timelapse Video

Desktop Themes for Your Windows PC!


Enjoy the landscapes while the setting sun displays an amazing array of colors and playful light. Download the “Lake Ohrid Sunsets” theme at the official Windows personalization gallery.


Beauty of the micro world, discover the universe in a drop of water, download this beautiful theme of “Raindrops and Dew” published in the Windows personalization gallery.

About me

biography-photoMy name is Slavco, mainly I work as an internet freelancer, wordpress and photography related work. That’s only a hobby that helps me buy stuff and live. In real life I am a biker (enthusiast), an amateur photographer and photographer and many other things of which I haven’t mastered anyhting quite yet. Excuse my honesty.

My favorite quote is “All of this has happened before and will happen again!” Hi to all Galactica fans.

Read The Nurgul Stories

The Nurgul Stories

Read four enchanting stories on how the world began a second time from the seed of the Nurgulut….

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