Starry Night

starry sky over mountain cabin
Starry sky

This one is just one frame from the previous post. You can see Polaris (The North Star) just a bit on the left from the highest branch. (top center of the image)
I am not sure if I made a mistake while shooting these, but it’s a 30sec exposure with ISO 3200, which seems a bit high but the result is acceptable.Though at lower ISO for example 1600 there the noise was probably going to be much less.

The Milky Way photo

our galaxy in the night sky
The Milky Way

I spent several hours of photographing the night sky, so the next days I will be posting various interpretations of the photos I took. I can’t decide which post processing is the best and I will try pretty much everything.
This is 21 second exposure, ISO 3200, f/3,5 and quite some editing in photoshop, probably. I kind of lost track of what I used.